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It’s important for residents to have access to Urgent Care when they really need it. When those urgent situations occur, count on Salcedo Medical Center for all medical care needs. Salcedo Medical Center is located in the Logan Square and South Loop neighborhoods of Chicago, IL.

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Urgent Care Q & A

What Does Urgent Care Encompass?

Urgent care encompasses all those situations that are not planned medical visits. This often includes situations like ankle sprains, muscle strains, asthma attacks, abrasions, severe headaches, flu, severe cold symptoms, and anything else that is making a patient very uncomfortable or ill.

When Does it Require a Hospital Instead of Urgent Care?

Urgent care is for the urgent but non-emergency visits. The doctor can easily treat conditions like painful sprains and strains, but they can’t perform emergency surgery. The general rule of thumb is that when a situation is life-threatening, it’s time to go straight to the local hospital. In some cases, it’s not known whether a condition is in fact very serious. The doctor can evaluate the patient on site in these cases, and can then send them to the hospital if a higher level of inpatient care is required. For example, the doctor can perform an x-ray on site, which will tell him whether there is a broken bone or whether the injury is a soft tissue one. A severe bone break may require a hospital visit while a severe neck sprain can usually be treated at the urgent care doctor.

Can the Doctor Fit Patients in Quickly?

Yes, in the majority of cases the doctor will be able to fit urgent care patients into his schedule promptly. Dr. Salcedo and his staff understand that patients rely on them to provide prompt and efficient medical care, especially when the situation is urgent. If patients are able to call ahead to let the office staff know that they are coming in with an urgent situation, the staff will be able to prepare to see the patient promptly and can make sure that any needed tests or medical supplies are on hand and waiting for the patient’s arrival.

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