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A Physical Exam should ideally be done by a doctor with experience in family practice, as they are familiar with the many aspects of the human body. Salcedo Medical Center is located in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL, and they offer physical examinations and more.

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Physical Exam Q & A

What is a Physical Exam?

A physical exam is one that is done as either en evaluation or a verification of overall health. In this type of examination, the doctor will look at the patient as a whole, watch for emerging health issues, and monitor health issues that are already known.

Why Are Physical Exams Needed?

Physical exams are sometimes needed as conditions of employment. Children may also need physical exams as a condition of school sports team participation or participation in non-school sports teams. It is also common for people to have physical exams at least once a year, just to check on the status of their overall health and wellness.

How Does a Physical Exam Work?

In a physical exam, the patient will have all their vital signs taken upon arrival in most cases. Patients will be weighed, as well. The physician will ask questions about health and wellness and will discuss any chronic conditions with the patient during this exam as well. A physical exam will sometimes include vaccinations, if needed. Physical exams can be quite different from one patient to another, as they are customized for individual needs.

What Should Patients Bring to a Physical Exam?

Patient should bring medical records to the physical exam if they are seeing the doctor for the first time. In some cases, patients will be able to arrange for their previous physician to send the records directly to the new doctor. All current and recent medications should be brought to the appointment. This includes not just prescription drugs but also over the counter medicine and even health or workout supplements. Patients who use any type of medical device, for example a walker, should have that device at the physical exam so the physician can make sure it’s still functioning properly.

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