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Botox is one of the least invasive and most effective ways to reduce wrinkles today. At Salcedo Medical Center, located in the Logan Square and South Loop neighborhoods of Chicago, IL, Dr. Salcedo can help patients relax the wrinkles away.

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Botox Q & A

What is Botox Used For?

Botox is a wrinkle relaxing injection that is approved by the U. S. Food & Drug Administration. This treatment is used to relax fine line and wrinkles in the face, particularly in the forehead and eye area. Horizontal lines across the forehead, vertical lines between the brows, and lines fanning out from the edges of the eyes (the crow’s feet) can all be treated very successfully with Botox.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox works by freezing the muscles that create wrinkles. When injected into very specific areas, the impacted muscles will not be able to contract like they usually do. This means that lines get smoothed away, and that the patient won’t be able to keep making the movements that will cause the wrinkles to come back.

What is Botox Made From?

Botox contains an active ingredient known as botulinum toxin protein. While botulinum toxin protein could be dangerous in very large quantities, this protein is highly purified to be completely safe for use in the human body. Because the quantity used is so small there is a minimal chance of any side effects.

How Much is Botox?

The price for Botox treatment varies by patient. Each person has different areas of concern, so the first thing that the doctor will do is to ask the patient where they’d like wrinkle correction. Once the target areas are determined, the doctor can determine a price for treatment based on the number of Botox units needed. Most people need anywhere from 10 to 40 units during a treatment, but it can vary widely.

How Frequently Do Patients Need Botox Treatments?

The frequency of Botox treatment can vary according to individual patient needs, but for most people the treatment lasts for around 3 months on average. The doctor will help each patient decide which treatment plan works best for their needs.

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