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Men's Health

Salcedo Medical Center & Vein Institute offers a variety of treatments for patients throughout all walks of life. One of our main areas of focus is men’s health. We offer multiple treatments that allow men to look and feel years younger while maintaining their optimal health. Some of the treatment areas we focus on are:

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Are you experiencing low testosterone? Testosterone levels peak in your teenage years and begin to level off by the age of 30. That’s right – low hormone levels aren’t just something for middle-aged guys to worry about! But what are the symptoms of low testosterone?

Low testosterone can cause a wide range of issues if you aren’t careful. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems
  • Increased body fat
  • Fatigue
  • Mood changes
  • Decreased muscular strength
  • Poor cognitive function
Testosterone Replacement Therapy Isn’t Just for Older Men

Men will typically experience these symptoms in their 40s, but it’s not uncommon for some men to have these issues as early as in their 30s. Don’t assume that you’re a young guy who doesn’t need to worry about testosterone!

The solution to a testosterone deficiency is TRT, or Testosterone Replacement Therapy. We source premium grade testosterone and administer it into your body after we determine that you’re a good fit for the therapy. This can include asking you about your health problems and any history of cancer or heart disease.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

According to Harvard Health, erectile dysfunction affects up to 30 million American men. The condition affects older males more frequently than younger males. However, sexual dysfunction also occurs in younger males. This causes stress and anxiety for many men, as well as putting a strain on intimate relationships.

Types of Sexual Dysfunction in Men:

Erectile dysfunction: A common problem with many causes, including diabetes, high blood pressure, or even low libido. It can even be psychological, due to depression, stress, and fatigue.

  • Low libido: It’s just as common in men as it is with women. For men, this can also be a case of a decline in hormone levels, physical illness, and even as a result of medical side effects.
  • Ejaculation problems: Premature, delayed, or even no ejaculation may be a result of hormone imbalances, stress, or anxiety.

While there are many symptoms of sexual dysfunction, there are also ways to treat it. At Salcedo Medical Center, we offer a variety of treatments to manage and cure erectile dysfunction. We employ multiple treatment modalities based on the patient’s needs; from restoring optimum male hormone levels to increasing circulation and addressing underlying medical conditions. 

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a surprisingly prevalent concern in our society. Notably, it is stated that by the age of 35, two-thirds of American men will experience some degree of appreciable hair loss. Furthermore, by the age of 50, approximately 85% of men have significantly thinning hair. 

While not a concern for some men, others experience emotional distress and loss of confidence due to hair loss. Additionally, hair loss tends to age a person’s appearance. For those looking to restore their youthful appearance and image, Salcedo Medical Center offers proven hair loss treatments. 

Utilizing a combination of laser therapies and lifestyle management, including nutritional testing, and counseling – we are able to slow the loss and even encourage regrowth of your hair. We provide customized treatment plans for all men looking to thicken their hair and take years off of their appearance. 

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Salcedo Medical Center & Vein Institute offers cutting edge treatments to restore your vitality, virility, and youthful appearance. We employ effective, individualized treatment plans for all of our patients. If you are having men’s health concerns – count on Dr. Salcedo to take care of you! Contact us today. 

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