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Immigration Exams

The physical examination is a vital part of the application process to the United States. Finding a registered physician is important when thinking about where to get your examination completed. Salcedo Medical Center can help guide you through this portion of your admission into the United States.

Dr. Salcedo is designated a civil surgeon by the department of homeland security to perform immigration exams. Our office is also fluent in Spanish and Russian languages, for your convenience. 

What is an Immigration Physical Examination?

An Immigration Physical Examination is not a regular physical exam or check-up, where you bring up health issues and symptoms that you are experiencing. It is a screening exam to determine whether it is safe to allow you admission into the United States. You don’t have to be in perfect health, the examination targets:

  • Any serious or communicable diseases
  • Any diseases that might make you subject to quarantine
  • Mental disorders
  • Drug problems

The first step is to ensure your identity. We will need to check your passport or other identifying documents to make sure that you are really you. Next, we will need to ensure you have completed all of the necessary vaccinations. It is important to bring a copy proof of any past vaccination reports. Again, this is not a regular physical examination. We will only be assessing your admissions-related health conditions, not prescribing diagnosis. 

Looking to Enter the United States and Need an Exam?

Salcedo Medical Center is here to help you through the physical examination portion of your application process. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment or to learn more.

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