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Salcedo Medical Center and Vein Institute Accommodates a Wide Variety of Patients

Hector L. Salcedo, MD and his team of medical professionals offer a variety of treatments that focus on general health, wellness, and aesthetics. With years of experience as a Family Medicine physician, Dr. Hector L. Salcedo develops long-lasting partnerships with his patients as they seek guidance to achieve optimal health.

Unlike other medical specialties where the focus is on a specific type of disease or part of the body, Family Medicine treats a broad array of medical conditions across all ages and gender. At Salcedo Medical Center, we go the extra mile for your health needs. 

What is a Family Medicine Physician?

A family medicine physician serves as the family’s main doctor in many cases. They care for patients of the same family that range from newborns to “super senior” status. The family doctor has extensive experience in general medicine, which means that they can treat most medical conditions. When a patient is ill or has any type of health concern, their family physician is usually the primary point person. Therefore, the family care doctor is often designated as the primary care provider (PCP) for insurance purposes. Some conditions do require a specialist which is determined and facilitated by the family doctor, if necessary. 

What Conditions Can a Family Physician Help With?

A family physician can help with a wide variety of conditions, illnesses, and concerns. These include: Diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, respiratory illnesses, depression, anxiety, skin problems, common colds, flu, ear infections, and virtually all types of illnesses that impact children through adulthood. 

When Does a Patient Require Care From a Specialist?

The patient and family medicine physician can discuss medical issues together to determine whether a visit with a specialist is necessary. For example, a patient who suffers from a possible neurological issue can be referred to a neurologist. Similarly, patients who require bone surgery for an injury or condition can be referred to an orthopedic surgeon. In some cases, care with a specialist will only be temporary.

Chronic conditions can require regular visits with a specialist. During this time, the patient will continue to go to the family care physician for the remainder of their health care needs. The family doctor typically coordinates this care. 

Looking for a Family Medicine Physician You Can Trust? Choose Dr. Salcedo!

Dr. Salcedo and his staff members are here to support you no matter what. We are devoted to creating optimal health outcomes for all of our patients, placing an emphasis on developing long-lasting relationships. We are with you for the long haul! Contact us today to begin the experience that so many of our satisfied patients have had. 

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